What is co—matter?

co—matter is a global network and brand consultancy exploring what makes communities thrive. Founded in 2017, we're on a mission to help shape the way people connect and belong in a hyper digital world.

How do you work with brands?

We work across concept development, brand strategy, creative production and cultural research. We prefer to engage in long-term partnerships to develop projects collaboratively with the goal to positively impact people and planet. We involve and co-create with our global network whenever we can.

Who is part of your global network? 

Activists, researchers, strategists, entrepreneurs, investors, creatives and organizers united by a shared mission of harnessing the endless possibilities of the world wide web to bring people closer together.

How did co—matter begin?

Once upon a time we started our careers running early crowdsourcing projects on the internet paired with an interest in media philosophy and behavioural studies. We then worked on a variety of platforms that involved large amounts of people, social networks and community organizing. Having experienced the tremendous effect online communities can have on our lives, our identities and our well-being we wanted to deeper understand how the internet is shaping the way we connect and belong. We thus founded co—matter in 2017 as a platform to facilitate our research and bring our ideas to life together with a global community of like-minded people and brands.

Do you have guiding principles?

Yes! We currently describe them as: Curiosity. We always explore and are deeply curious about people, stories, contexts and perspectives that go beyond our very limited horizon(s). Generosity. We invest our time and attention into projects we believe in, no matter if they come from global brands, small startups or non-governmental organizations. Collaboration. We believe the best results come from cooperation and co-creation, sharing and creating knowledge through diverse perspectives from a variety of backgrounds, geographies and identities.

Where are you based?

We're based in Berlin, Germany, with close ties to the ecosystems in Copenhagen, Vienna, Paris and New York City.

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